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If you are a homeowner, you need to underestimate the acuteness of the drainage issues. A slow-moving or clogged drain can appear to be a minor issue. However, it may quickly snowball into a significantly bigger problem. Slow drains may be indicative of various issues, which include clogging in initial phases. There can be narrowing of pipes due to a buildup of grease or mineral, or even lead to improper drainage system grading. As soon as you observe slow drains, you should call up a plumber who is an expert at cleaning drains. You can spot the source of the issues, and address the problem before it snowballs into broken pipes, damaged pipes or other bigger issues.

Tip #2

Persistent odors coming from the drains can be indicative of major problems in drainage, and you have to get it checked by a qualified plumbing professional. It is likely that there can be buildup of pollutants in your drain, which can make foul odor enter your home. At times, only a thorough cleaning of drain can be enough to eliminate the odor. In some other cases, you might have to substitute broken sewage pipes for restoring efficient drainage, so as to eliminate the problem permanently.

Tip #3

Minerals that are dissolved within hard water may lead to buildup and cause drain blockage due to insoluble masses. Once established, it can be tough to remove clogs without the assistance of a professional plumber.


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